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Baconian Cipher

    Decoding Procedure
    You have a sentence with two different fonts, bold or italic, for example:
    "How to solve a baconian cipher"
    The message is 25 letters, of which letters number 5, 14, 17, 18, 20, 22 and 23 are bold.

    Write them as A for not bold and B for bold letters, in groups of 5:
    1) AAAAB   2) AAAAA   3) AAABA   4) ABBAB   5) ABBAA

    The Baconian alphabet consists of a different combination of A's and B's for each letter of the alphabet (two versions available).

    FIRST VERSION with I=J and U=V (used in the example text):

    Decoding the five groups above gives:
    1) B   2) A   3) C   4) O   5) N
    Your decoded message is: BACON

    SECOND VERSION (using a unique combination for each letter):